Notes on a lovely meeting in Harrogate

We had a really good meeting in Harrogate on October 18th. Nine twins were there and after an interesting session listening to each other’s progress since our last meeting in February, we went on to discuss various issues including the Lone twin bench plaque, future meetings in February and June and the visit to Kylemore. 

Frances also told the meeting about her visit to see the twin who has not yet lost her twin. This is proving to be valuable and it is good to know the twin in question is benefiting from getting to know us.

After lunch, which some of us ate outdoors as it was so warm, we listened to Alison who told us about her new venture – which involves challenges for Lone twins to try and information packs to help their progress. Alison was wearing one of the t shirts you can have if you complete a challenge, which had on the special logo she has designed for her project. There will be an article on this in the Lone Twins Newsletter.
We then went on to talk about the visit to Kylemore Abbey to see Sr Julian. Four Harrogate twins went on September 29th for four days and we actually stayed in the castle, as guests of the Benedictine community. We had two meetings and Sr Julian showed us a new book which is out called Twinless Self, by Father Jim Cogley.
We also had a lot of fun and outings to the beautiful Atlantic beaches near Kylemore.
Any lone twin can go over to Kylemore to stay, so if you are interested do get in touch and I can give you more information on costs and travels. 
Our thanks go the Hospice for letting us use their beautiful Day Care room at no cost. 
After we had tidied up we left at 3pm, leaving our thanks and a donation.
The next Harrogate meeting is February 28th 2015 so we hope to see you there!

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