Update on meetings for 2020

A message from our Chair –
We are experiencing unprecedented restrictions throughout the UK and
abroad due to the coronavirus and my first thoughts are to wish you all well
and stress the importance of following guidelines. Be well, be safe.
As you know by now we have had to postpone the proposed AGM in
Sheffield which is a great disappointment especially after all of the
organization by Jill and Janet. We look forward to the AGM being held in
London later in the year – if this is safe to do so.
As I am writing it seems that almost all if not all meetings are on hold,
this seems to be the only sensible thing to do under the circumstances.
We will through this harrowing time keep in touch with members both
online and where possible by post but please remember that we are all here
for each other and a ‘buddy’ system to ensure we are all OK would ensure
that no members become isolated in their homes with nobody to talk to
Be well, be safe.