Amendment to our membership criteria

Since the Network has existed, we have only accepted lone twins, over 18 years and generally from loss at birth onwards.
In recent years it has become increasingly difficult and emotionally heartbreaking to turn away lone twins whose twin had died in utero. For the past year or so we considered admitting lone twins into the Network if their twin had died in the last trimester of pregnancy; this did not work as in many cases the surviving twin did not know when the loss occurred and even if they did it was unfair to draw a line that decreed that at 185 days you could not become a member of The Lone Twin Network but at 186 days you could. It was therefore decided at the last committee meeting that any surviving twin who was over the age of 18 could be eligible for membership if they had lost their twin at any stage in utero or later in life.

7 thoughts on “Amendment to our membership criteria

  1. Hello I am the Parent of a 6 year old lone Identical twin. Florin the Wolf walks with me here on this earth and Moses the Falcon died in euro at 6 month gestation and is never far away, on the wings of a Kestrel or a buzzard. I have searched high and low for groups for me and somthing for my son that might mean he can grow up with other children like him. I carry so much deep grief and pain. I would love to tell my story in more detail but I can right now I found this website probably 5 years ago and I have only now made contact. I would love to talk to anyone this resinates with. I am in Coventry. this is the 3rd message i have made this evening. sorry if this is excessive. the more i have looked the more relevant posts I have found.
    Bless you and those that run and maintain this site.
    I have found comfort in it over the years.

    Karen McAree

  2. I just learned that I am my twin. The person I have known myself to be has been a falsehood. I’ve always known and been called “crazy” and worse to the point that I’m literally alone at the time when I’ve discovered my true self. It’s a painful and bittersweet journey. My twin lived with me 19 hours on this earth. Subsequently, they gave me her identity and subjected her to a life of pain and trauma. Healing your inner child has now taken on new meaning. Awareness. Pain. Innerstanding. Acceptance. I hope I’ve found my community 💞🙏🏾

  3. Hi there,
    I lost my twin brother before birth, but I don’t know exactly when he stopped living. My mother never told me the whole story. What I know is that my mom knew he was dead before giving birth and I was to be alive. All my life I felt alone and waiting for something to complete myself that I couldn’t find so far.

  4. I have an identical twin, she was adopted out at birth. I have never met her and I feel an emptiness and a loneliness very much the same as others here describe. Makes me feel much better knowing I am not the only person who feels this loss. I have been unable to reconnect with my lost twin.

  5. My husbands cousin lost his identical at birth and he still feels a void that something isn’t right or it’s missing and he’s now in his 40’s. I lost my identical right before our 41st birthday and even though we have 4 decades of memories that accumulated since our birth, it doesn’t make any less important to lose your other half at birth or later in life. I’m glad all lone twins are now welcome.

  6. Thank you! I have been a member for many years and my twin died before birth, so this notification was somewhat strange to read. I am glad that I can still be a member! Dawn

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