Happy New Year 2021

Well, it can’t be worse than last year…we hope.

As the world is still in lockdown and we aren’t able to meet in person yet, we are continuing our Zoom meetings for our members. Please see the dates below of the meetings we will be hosting. These have proved to be very popular last year and have been a lifeline to many, and especially to those who have lost their dear twins last year, with all the difficulties that has entailed.

·         Saturday 16th January at noon online: theme of “Hooray it’s 2021!” Steps we can take to remain positive.

·         Saturday 13th February at noon online: theme of ‘Crafts and hobbies to help with twin loss’.

We hope to run a separate session for very new members who we feel need to be cared for in a different way and introduced gently to our screen-based meetings.

·         Saturday 13th March at noon online: theme tbc

·         Saturday 17th April at noon online: theme tbc

Please note that you must be a member of the Lone Twin Network in order to attend any of the meetings. Please use the Contact Us page and we will send you an application form.