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79 thoughts on “Contact us

  1. Hi I’m a lone twin my self my twin sister died hours after birth and I’m always feeling like something is missing lonly feel can’t explain empty missing someone that i can’t never find it’s sad not even my children that iove dearly fill that gap when i red some of tbe comments on here it felt great like i was describing my self happy to find this page

    • I am the same… the grief remains with you, it’s like any happiness or joy you may feel is covered in a blanket of sadness; because in this ‘living of life’, that person you never knew, is missing…

    • Sounds exactly like me. I love my three children to bits but the void l feel is enormous. Now with this group l hope to learn more and manage my feelings

      • I feel similar. I lost my twin brother aged 38 on June 29th 2019, and my mum 4 weeks ago. I’m struggling to focus and deal with my emotions. It’s comforting to hear other twin losses and not to feel so alone. When he died I also died too. I love my daughters so much. I just feel so lost without him. We would sound board off each other and look out for each other, we’ve dealt with so much illness etc together. He is gone. We would be 40 this November.

  2. I lost my twin brother, 14 years ago, and yesterday it was are birthday ,
    I still feeling like it was recently ,every December 18 , I don’t let any one ,say to me happy birthday, or call me ho see me not even my family or children, I get all are pictures ,and kiss them and I cry all day , ,I need to get together with others twinless ,and help each other. Thank you ,we are from Uruguay

      • I know exactly how you feel. I lost my twin brother on 18th December 2018. We were 62 when he passed. I don’t do birthdays or Xmas anymore and my family don’t even mention birthday.

        I have never felt so lonely. I have family but as you know the bond a twin has is immense. It’s a different lonely.

        I go to bed thinking of him and I wake up thinking of him. The pain is unbearable.

      • You are definitely not alone Margaret. It thought I was until I joined this group. I am exactly the same, I miss my brother so much it hurts. He was my world. xx

  3. Hi everyone, all these comments are so me. I wrote ‘Twin Connections ‘ which is an unbelievable read. Our bond was so strong and the unexplainable incidents which occured throughout our life even though my twin was severely handicapped both physically and mentally and lived with Downs Syndrome. They are all detailed in the book. Maybe it may help you. It is available at
    Even after 14 years I am still finding it hard to cope without him.

  4. i am wondering how Lone Twins feel when their birthday comes. i have always had a hard time even though my twin died at birth. I do not like being the only one to celebrate my birthday on that date. I am hoping other Lone Twins understand because i can’t explain to non twins that something is missing, and my birthday is a combination of all kinds of feelings. Wish I could learn how to have it just be happy. i keep trying. Dianei

    • Hi,

      This was my first year not having my twin for our birthday six months after losing her. Everyone told me to celebrate life for her that day, but I wanted to crawl in a hole and die honestly. I started having panic attacks March 1st although our birthday wasnt until the 26th. Every day that it got closer, the worse I felt and there was no denying she wasn’t here (or survival mode as my therapist calls it). She died at 28 and I feel stuck at that age too. Maybe that will change with time, but for now it’s still so new. There were little things I looked forward to that day and none of it was the same. We used to meet up at the Cheesecake Factory, just the 2 of us (outside the family gathering to celebrate), and enjoy the Cris’ Outrageous cheesecake because it was like German chocolate cake on another level! Our dad took me there this year and they discontinued it. The disappointment I felt over a slice of cheesecake was probably ridiculous to everyone, but it was the only since of normal I could had hoped for that day so the to hear them say ‘discontinued’ was heart breaking. I wanted to cry right there, but held it together for my two kids and our dad.
      Not sure if it ever feels the same for birthdays, again this is new for me, but I feel on our birthday that I’m just a reminder she isn’t her.

      • I know what you mean its only been 18 months or so since I lost my identical twin sister. Birthdays are the worst thing. She’s gone and life is impossible. Its our birthday next week, its just so hard without her.

    • I lost my twin before we were born so I didn’t truly have time to grow as deep a connection with him as many other twins. A lot of the time, having lived my whole life without a twin, I block it out but around my birthday, I cry for him a lot. I cry and think about everything he could’ve done with his own life and why I was the one to get to live it. I know nothing is my fault and this isn’t a place to feel guilty but it’s hard not to sometimes. I think about how much fuller my life would be if my twin got to live beside me and I miss him so much. I just turned 21 so I’ve been thinking about him. I’m able to talk about him without getting emotional and it usually doesn’t affect me but some nights I feel like I just cry for hours and it’s weird because I don’t live life with a sadness related to my twin, it just comes and goes. I thought it’d be interesting to provide a twin’s perspective that never really got to know their twin. It seems a lot different than many other responses and I can’t imagine a loss of a twin I had actually gotten to know.

      • Hi I’m in the same situation and I’d love to talk with you about it, I’ve not really dealt with it till more recently and I’d love to hear your story and how you feel about being the lone twin

      • My Fathers twin passed away at birth, my father is not here anymore, Thankyou for s h aring this because i had often thought on this for a long long time

    • I lost my brother last October and I can’t imagine ever wanting to celebrate or think about having a birthday alone. This September I will be 44 years old and the very thought of turning a year older without my twin will be a solemn and emotional day spent alone with our memories of happier times xxx

    • I lost my twin Brother 3 months ago at age of 29. Our birthday will be in 3 weeks.
      Last year we celebrated it skydiving. It was one of the best days of my live.
      I always tried to take care of both of us and sometimes played the role of our mother. He probably was the person that I cared and loved the most in this world.
      Right after he passed away, I had this feeling that I needed to celebrate life as much as I could for him. But now I feel guilty and lonely. It’s been hard to live without him.
      I’ve been trying to find ways to overcome this sadness through therapy and exercise. But it seems that nobody understands my pain.
      I Hope you guys find your ways too.

      • I think you have to incorporate your twin into your life somehow
        I constantly still ask for advice from mine
        He died aged 48 our 60 in May next year
        We just have learn to cope
        And do the best for both

    • My twin died at birth as well or at least shortly before birth I believe… anyways my birthday is right after Christmas. (December 26) and my mom always made a huge deal about it being my special day. I always received separate birthday gifts from my Christmas gifts. And at least when I was little I would have an “imaginary friend” that was Justyn. I would play with him, draw him, and I even grew up a big tom-boy. I use to joke whenever I was acting like “one of the boys” that was Justyn’s side of me coming out. I had my twin in just about every aspect of my life I could to honor him. I plan on naming my first born boy after him. Though I will admit after my mother passed away Justyn’s death is a lot harder on me as an adult then it was as a child.

    • I understand exactly what you are saying Diane. I was unable to celebrate my birthday at all for 25 years after my identical twin died and I would wake up each time with such sorrow. Now I go to the cemetery in the morning and have some kind of acknowledgement of my own birthday later in the day. Hope this helps. x

  5. Hi Gary I lost my identical twin sister 2 years ago and I completely understand how lost and alone you feel. I still feel like I’m waiting for something that is never going to come it breaks my heart everyday and your totally right you’ve lost half of yourself I really want say something that it gets easier but to be honest I really don’t think it does xx

    • Hi Lindsey, I’m so sorry that you lost your twin sister, I wish there was something I could say or do to help all the people on the forum who have lost their twins. I suppose the path I chose after realising that the void in my life could possible have been created through the loss of my identical twin sister was to travel the road of spirituality, it does help, although it has taken nearly a life time to finally realise a modicum of peace. My name is Lindsey too, same spelling. take care……..

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  7. I lost my brilliant twin Bro a year ago
    The pain I feel still is unbearable
    The hole in my stomach is huge
    Ppl who don’t understand twins jus say time heals
    Mmmm wake up call
    We are different
    I have lost my identical twin
    I have lost half of me
    I struggle every day
    I feel so lonely even though I have a fantastic partner

    • Hi Gary
      I lost my twin brother in Dec 2018 to cancer. We are 62 yrs old and were close all our lives. We had a business together but now I am totally lost. The pain is truly unbearable and I know my life will never be the same. He used to send me a text most mornings telling me what needed to be done and general chit chat. I would give anything to receive a text from him but I know it’s not possible. I no longer feel complete and feel very lonely even though I have my own family. I go to bed thinking about him and wake up thinking about him.

      • I know your pain . I lost my twin sister last year , she was only 57 she died with in one week of sepsis. I feel so lost

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