Book List

The Lone Twin – Understanding Twin Loss and Bereavement – Joan Woodward

Living without your Twin – Betty Jean Case

Twins: Genes, Environment and The Mystery of Life – Lawrence Wright

Finding Zoe – Paula Jackson

Heaven’s Child – Caroline Flohr

Rosa’s Child (Autobiography) – Susie Bechofer

Her (Memoir) – Christa Parravani

From a Clear Blue Sky (Autobiography) – Timothy Knatchbull

Beginning with the end (Autobiography) –  Mary. R. Morgan

26a – (Novel) Diana Evans

Lexi Land (Novel, for teenagers) – Suzi Moore

The Silent Twins (Biography) – Marjorie Wallace

The End of The Twins (Memoir) – Saul Diskin

Duplicate Dreams (Research) – Coralie Phillips and Donna Roach

Wood you believe: The Twinless Self:4 – Fr. Jim Cogley

Twin Telepathy – Guy Lyon Playfair

10 thoughts on “Book List

  1. Hi everyone,
    I’m now reading ‘Untwinned – perspectives on the death of a twin before birth’ (edited by Althea Hayton, who has written several books on the subject as well).
    In this book 20 articles and chapters on the subjects are given and I find it very helpful.
    It’s also helpful for those of you (or those around you) who are having a hard time with the spiritual stuff, as this book gives various articles written by MD’s and PhD’s.

    Maybe this could be added to the list or something?

    There’s also ‘The surviving twin syndrome’ by Alfred and Bettina Austermann. They are respectively a psychologist and a health professional and social education worker and have a lot of experience with lone twins who have lost their twins before birth.
    This book is more spiritual, but I think it’s beautiful and can provide a lot of comfort for those of us who haven’t had the chance to live with their twins after birth, but still feel the same pain.

    • Ingrid,

      Alfred and Bettina Austermann’s book is not spiritual at all. On the contrary, it is a very practical and useful one. It describes the issue from a medical and psychological perspective, along with the many symptoms that may be an indication of a lost twin. It also offers healing alternatives. I found this book simply enlightening and I think it should be given a place of honor on the list of books on this subject!
      They’ve also published a second book with first hand testimonials from people who lost a twin but I don’t know if it was also translated into English:


      • Hi,
        Yeah I know it’s great and not spiritual at all, that’s why I said that 😉
        Some other books on the subject are more spiritual, that’s what I meant.

  2. Good afternoon! Please tell me if you knows someone, who help my son ? He was born 20/11/2009 , pregnancy was hard , had twins , one almost did not grow. At week 34 emergency cesarean section was done. One boy died on the 10th day. The second boy was developing well, but there were some problems, at 3.5 year he was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder.
    Today the situation is this: he eats, he goes to the toilet , dress and undress himself , very athletic , swimming and roller-skating.
    He goes to a specialized kindergarten , we do a lot of ABA therapy , consulted in Israel,
    we go to the Tomatis in Belgium, do chelation with a doctor in Germany as a child increased content of heavy metals in the body, we were at the dolphin , doing reflexology.
    He contacts, converts it understands . The main problem is that he does not say, can only say : I want to eat, I want to walk, sleep and stuff like that. Yet he was very hyperactive.
    Maybe the problem is not in autism , especially his birth and death of his brother ? So, I experienced a lot of stress after the death of one of his sons and little time spent with the child …
    We live in Russia, where I have unfortunately not found a hypnotherapist for a child his age. Can you help us?
    With great respect, Ekaterina.

      • Ekaterina,
        Your son’s autism might be a consequence of his loosing his twin. Try to contact Alfred and Bettina Austermann from Berlin. They are a couple of family/systemic constellations facilitators specialized on the lost twin issue, who also hold workshops in English in other countries:

        They have written the book mentioned in the first comment to this post, called “Drama in the Womb: The Surviving Twin Syndrome”, that can be bought on the Amazon. It is an eyes opening book, because it explains the psychological and emotional impact of the twin loss and offers healing alternatives.
        Good luck and fingers crossed!

  3. Hi Nancy – I have other books in the LTN library and will let you have the titles. Meanwhile, could you add 1. THE SILENT TWINS by Margery Wallace and 2. THE END OF THE TWINS by Saul Diskin.

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