National Memorial Arboretum


On the 14th June 2013 we dedicated a bench to the LTN at the National Memorial Arboretum near Burton on Trent. It is a permanent memorial for us all, set by the river and next to a wild flower area – where we have scattered some forget-me-not seeds for our twins.

It is open to everyone, so please feel free to go and sit awhile in peace.

2 thoughts on “National Memorial Arboretum

  1. I frequent the NMA several times a year, I have numerous photo’s on your bench as my Twin Lisa’s sponsored Remembrance tree is a stone throw from there. Anyway, I’m wondering if you are aware that the NMA have commissioned an exquisite artist to make a collage out of photo’s to go on the new Visitor Remembrance Centre which is currently being built and is due for completion in November 2016. It will be a Permanent display, So this is an opportunity to send in photo’s (soon able to upload online) and ANY photo will be considered. Me and my Dad have forwarded a Photo of my Twin Lisa, but I intend to send other photo’s as between 5,000 and upwards of 20,000 photo’s are required I believe, This will be available on the main NMA website soon I have been told. The Artist is quite inspiring, more is available on the NMA Facebook page presently, best regards, Rob Fitzmaurice

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