What happens at meetings?

Most LTN meetings start with a welcome and a short introduction about LTN, usually given by the main person running the meeting. We explain the history, purpose and some of the items and activities offered to members. If it is a small meeting of about a dozen, we go ‘Round the table’, everyone just gives their name, the name of their twin, and where they currently live. (It’s a case of matching faces to names to start with so that we all know who is who).
Then we usually go into more depth about our various situations, each of us in turn telling whatever feels right about our twins and how our loss affects us. Everyone supports the person speaking and offers sympathy, understanding and support. We all benefit as there are so many things we can learn from each other. We can talk about our fears and worries, sad anniversaries, Covid etc., but also what we can do to get some well-deserved fun, or at least some respite from our grief, carving out the best life we can. We try to ensure that all participants get a chance to contribute, but there is no obligation to say anything if you don’t want to, you can just listen. Emotions: if you are new to LTN, you might be surprised at the frankness of members as they tell their stories of twin loss. Unlike the way people talk about grief in wider social situations, we don’t hold back, we are uniquely united in being able to articulate our twin loss emotions and this is what makes our network so amazing. Very new members will be invited to attend a separate smaller meeting, which we hope to run every 3 months in 2022. If the meeting is online, we start off by making sure everyone is OK with the tech side – audio and camera on etc. We have a tech expert member who can link up with you ahead of the meeting if you are unfamiliar with Zoom. Ending the meeting: we always make sure people are OK and not upset to end the meeting, and a member of the Committee is on hand if anyone gets upset and needs to talk afterwards, the next day or even the following week.